hiz, well i have a question regarding to for and while loop
i want to create such a triangle with "*"
* *
* * *
* * * * (its not right angle triangle, its equilateral triangle)

and 2nd thing, what if i want the USER to put the line numbers (upto 30)



like this but without "|"

well thnx for those articles, but this isnt my homework or something, i m trying to do this since 2 days, i am new, so ofcourse i need some help. well here is the program i wrote which has 7 errors

# include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int printStars (int lines,int stars,int space);

int main ()
	printStars(lines, stars, space);
	return 0;

int printStars (int lines,int stars,int space)
	int lines, stars, space;

	for (lines=1; lines<=4; lines++)
		for (space= 4; space >=0; space--)
			cout<<" ";
			while (space=0)
			for (stars=1; stars<=lines; stars++)
				cout<<"* ";



The first thing you need to do is get the number of lines to print, using cin. First, create a variable to hold the number of lines, then read it in from the user.

An example would be

int count;
cout << "What is the count?";
cin >> count;

well sir, actually the CIN is 2nd part of my question!! :) i just want to write a program if i want to create 4 lined equilateral triangle..

Use for loops to print the stars, the spaces, etc. The standard for loop structure is one of the following two

for( int i = 0; i < numberOfTimes; i++ )
for( int i = 1; i <= numberOfTimes; i++ )

for loop number of lines
for loop spaces
print space
for loop stars
print star, print space
print newline}}

BTW, the number of spaces to print is equal to the TotalNumberOfLines - CurrentLineNumber
The number of stars to print is equal to the CurrentLineNumber

Ok so lets 'draw' one by hand and then figure out how to get the computer to do what we did.

(I'm going to use '.' instead of ' ' so you can see them.)

Ok so in my head, I start with the base of the triange as that determines how big it will be:


Then I just add the lines above it:


Is that what you wanted?

So, for a 4 row triangle, the first row must be indented 3 spaces, the next 2 spaces, the next 1 space and the last line isn't indented at all.

The first line has 1 star, the second 2 stars seperated by a space, the third 3 stars with spaces and the last 4 stars with spaces.

Do you see a pattern here that you might be able to exploit?