Can someone give me a link to a good tutorial or something on C++ Winsock FTP and HTTP communication. I know how to use TCP/IP, but when you connect straight to an IP, they have to be connected to the same network your on for it to work. If you connect to an HTTP server, the server can receive messages and forward them to the opposite person from who it was sent by. There is also someone to automatically enter info in text boxes and press buttons on an HTTP server from a C++ program.

What I mean with Forwarding messages with HTTP servers is like this:

Your computer -----> other computer connected to same network
You -----> HTTP server -----> other computer that can be on a whole other network very far away

Wireless routers and computers block outside network connections that are just attempting to connect straight from one to another. When the connection passes on an internet server such as a website, then your computer will allow it (Its known as port forwarding). So the first tutorial could go over using Winsock with C++, the second could go over communicating with an HTTP server with TCP and FTP to send/receive messages and files to/from the server and forward to/from the other computer.

If anyone wants to learn C++ or wants to get things straight or anything, I have a very good C++ tutorial on my website at <snipped URL> The Winsock tutorial is still under construction but shows how to use TCP/IP (It only shows connecting to another computer on your network. I haven't figured out website communication yet). Theres also a very good secure/encrypted live contact system that I have on it.

Oh I didn't know that about Ajax, but HTML is used to program things on a website, like text and stuff. I know its a markup language, it goes with HyperTextTransferProtocol servers.

Wow thanks!! That has a lot of stuff about winsock on it,