I found on net this:
"Mixins are classes that further enhance the functionality of a wx.ListCtrl. Mixin classes are so called helper classes. They are located in wx.lib.mixins.listctrl module. In order to use them, the programmer has to inherit from these classes. "

Please someone explain me the way this stuffs do work, perhaps good tutorial on helper classes, especially this mixins and how to use them.
Thanks alot :D

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I don't think you really need a tutorial. Start like this

>>> from wx.lib.mixins import listctrl
>>> help(listctrl)

Note that the help for the class TextEditMixin shows you how to use the mixin class. You should try each mixin class in the same way, and then try to derive from more than one mixin class. A mixin class is just a class which groups additional methods which you want to use optionally in a class (or several classes). So think about it as a collection of methods. One way to use it is to write a class which one main parent class and one or more mixin classes.

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