Often times I've found that people don't try using compatibility mode on setup files or install files, they normally install and then proceed to try compatibility mode after the install is already done incorrectly. Different OS's install things in different ways and to different paths. The beginning is always the most important step in making things work correctly.

Just make a restore point before you install something you're unsure of, then if a problem happens, you can just restore and do it again a different way.

I've found some games that where made after 2003 or so that had video problems and other things, and I've actually used Windows 98 mode to fix them and been pleasantly surprised..........Windows' OS's store and use files in some strange ways and sometimes the simplest and dumbest things can fix things that many people like to overthink.


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Windows 7 x64
K9A2VM MSi MoBo (MS-7501) Phenom II x4 940 3.0Ghz
2 2GB sticks DDR2 SDRam ATi Radeon HD 4850
ST31000528AS ATA 7200rpm 1TB Drive
generic 500W psu, can't remember name, don't wanna look, so byte me

i was tried portable visual basic 6.0 is usable in windows 7, and also can compile to exe too!
but i don't know there are lossing any component or not, because it is so tiny!(<6MiB)

I've been maintaining a legacy app. written in VB6 for some years, the last few months on Windows 7. Today I installed VS6 on a new computer running Windows 7 Pro. This is what you do:

1. Turn off the UAC and all live virus, adware, spyware and spam checkers.
2. Run the VS6 installer as an administrator. Don't run any other programs or it will crash!
3. Agree to continue running the installer until you're asked whether the MSDN should be installed then say no - and don't install anything else.
4. When the installation is complete un-install VS6 using the Windows Control Panel and delete the folders.
5. Run the VS6 installer again (as an administrator). This time it will simply run normally and the MSDN and anything else may be installed.

My legacy app. uses Sheridan tools and Crystal Reports 8.5 which also install with no problems.
I hope this helps.

You cant.


I've been running VB6 on my Win7 32 bit machine for months now.

Today, I'm installing it on my Win7 64 bit laptop. So far, no glitches.

Here is what I did.

You say 'yes' to updating the Java.

When the program is installed, you right click the VB6 icon, go to Properties, then Compatibility, then check XP SP3 Compatibility and Run as Administrator. Apply it and exit.

If there are additional items, I don't recall them at the moment. But then, it will pop up during today's installation and if so I'll post an update here.

But so you know, you CAN install and run VB6 on Windows 7 without any problems.


How do I install visual Studio 6 in Windows 7
Visual Basic Not completed the installation at the access to the installation of Microsoft Vrtual Machine ( VM )
What is the way ? What i do ? Because, I need to use the Visual Basic Now. :'(

I beleive that the only way is to use XP mode. I ran into same problem and had to return a compuiter and order a different one. I will be receiving today and will be dowloading the Virtual PC and XP Mode and trying to install Visual Studio 6 along with several tools I use.

I beleive that the only way is to use XP mode. I ran into same problem and had to return a compuiter and order a different one. I will be receiving today and will be dowloading the Virtual PC and XP Mode and trying to install Visual Studio 6 along with several tools I use.

I said it yesterday and I'll say it again. You CAN install and run VB6 on Windows 7 (32 & 64) without the need to go Virtual PC and XP Mode.

I've been running and designing programs on Windows 7 32 with VB6 since last year. Yesterday, I just completed installing VB6 on my Windows 7 64 machine without a hitch.

I did some coding on the Win7-64 yesterday and patched up some code, ran debug and all sorts of things without any problems.

Just follow the instructions I suggested in my previous post.


whats this third party components i need to install. i can try and install them as well. thanks in advance. virtual box is ideal bt the thought of a story inside a story is not fancy!

i wanted to install microsft visula c++ on window 7 platform

i want to install microst visula c++ on window platfrorm

i have a windows 7 OS so if i use that virtual boxu sayin then install the windows xp inside that virtual box then i can use visual basic 6 now?

Yes, that is one way and perhaps the easiest way...

Good Luck

Right click on the VB 6.0 setup icon, we will see troubleshoot compatibility option in Windows 7. Use it and we will be asked for which version it worked before with a list of operating systems. Select XP and go ahead with the installation.

you will have to install xp os system on the computer in a duel boot function to do that is u will have to set up a parition on windows 7 this is how to do it click start then click on create or format hard drive partition it will take a bit to load then click on your os most computers are c: but right click that then click shrink volume then wait awhile take a smoke or something then a box will appear with your total memory not in use then u can put a selected amount of memory to it then after it creates one right click it then give it a drive letter then install xp on the system useing that drive letter u gave to the new one and it will show up blue if u did it right there u go u have xp :)

I figured out away ( Found it online!!! ) just create a file called (MSJAVA.DLL) and save it in c:/ windows, finish the installation and MAKE SURE DELETE THE FILE AFTER!!!

I've just finished testing that all of my modules compile with VB6 under Win 7. It just takes perseverence, a number of reinstalls, service packs, and nursing every custom control and dll into place (Wise came in very handy for this, creating mini setups from the VPC where I have been working). The whole process took around 4 hours.

I've been using Virtual PC but have been having huge issues with VPN... you can't have VPN sessions from both the VPC and the Win7 host, so I resolved to somehow make VB work under Win7.

bye bye Virtual PC!

Start the setup with compatibity mode for windows xp, it will still tell u abt the compatibility issue, bt u carry on with the setup, it will finally b installed....m using visual basics 6.0 enterprise edition on win7 with no problems so far..

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