i was just wondering if i could get a little help on this program that i need to do. I am having a lot of trouble just starting it.

this is a program dealing with european football AKA soccer.

- The program must set up an array of 12structures.

- each element for diff player on team.

- when running the program, it must ask user to enter each players data.

- must then print a summary table that lists players name, #, and pts scored.

- the program also should calculate and display the total points earned by the team.

- the number and name of the player who has earned the most pts must also be displayed. if one or more people have scored the most pts, print out all names.

* be sure to create enough test cases to test your program for correctness.

* do not accept negative values for player numbers or for points earned. ask user to enter valid numbers until they succeed. assume that the user enters a # of the correct data type when asked for a #

OUTPUT: echoprinted input, closing termination message, error messages as needed.

grade will be determined by how well you utilize functions and parameters. (call by value, call by reference, passing by const reference) appropriately. start by working of a good design, structure chart.

you must use an array of structs as the major data structure on this project with each struct as specified earlier in this write up.

you must use typedef to declare the data type for your array of structs, and use this data type correctly in your program.

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POst ur current effort and we will see what can be done.

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