Can somebody tell me the file read and write syntax. I found the following code on the net. but didnt get that.

fs2.Read(fs2Content, 0, (int)fs2.Length);
fs1.Write(fs2Content, 0, (int)fs2.Length);

what exactly first, second and third arguement will do in above statements. pls give me some details regarding this.


Assuming that fs1 and fs2 are streams... go take a look at the helpfile.

// reading the contetnt of file
StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(Sting Path);

//writing to the file

StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(Sting Path);

OK BlackSun your attempt is honorable but totally beside the question. ( And please drop your textbox fumbling!)

Indianblues just needs to follow the advice of LizR here: open the helpfile and look for StreamReader Read. If Indianblues has no helpfile he can google for help or come back here.

not sure if the is the correct fourm, but need some help.
I have a file 77D7.txt, need to read it and reformate and create a new file. There are 4 field seperated by "," in each line. Would someone please help me get started.

Thanks very much

Please open another thread and ask there, it's solved one :)