I want to build an application that can send messages to computers connected over a LAN. This is something just like Email over LAN. It must also be possible to attach files just like an email. Can someone just help me as to how to go about building this application ? I have around 6 machines connected to a server over LAN. Pls help

Read in System.Net classes it may help you, and tell me where you reached...

Interesting, I've used system.net.mail but didn't realize there was an attachment class built in, not sure why.

For the record, I'm not certain he was pointing you towards the mail class either, just posting a comment on something I picked up here.

You just read in Mail!! I need to from you to read in all classes in the namespace iff you need to learn, but if you want to develop it regardless learning you can search on this type of application and you'll find a lot.

lol no, I've read about mail specifically but not spent time reading about attachments. I'm fairly new to programming and still have a lot to learn.

Thanks for pointing me somewhere new today!

Did read System.net. As i am completely new to VB.NET and C# as i have to learn either of them afresh i am first concerned about the design.

What should build on the client side.?
What i know till now :
1. GUI to send message and add files
2. A tab to show all members there in the LAN group
3. A option to broadcast a message to all the members
What should the server side program contain ?
What i have figured out till now :
1. A DNS like service to convert the machine name(Displayed
at the client) to IP addr.
2. A mutithreaded program to accept request from multiple
clients and send messages to destination.

please help me out with this.
Which will be easier ? C# or programming in VB.NET ?

What do you need to do kashyapanirudh??

This is my final year project. I am doing it in a company. It has a server and around 6 computers connected over LAN.
The requirement is that i need to build a desktop application using .NET. The application must be able to send messages over LAN to all the LAN machines with file attachments. Just like an email.
How to do this ?

Yes, I don't know how to answer your question, System.Net classes and nice windows application all you need to do it.

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