plz help me , i would be very thank full to you

i want to build a software in vb6 with folloeing features

1. i want to enter a numerical data sequenc vise in five rows and unlimeted colums like entering a data in microsoft office exel.
whether it would made by ole by microsoft office exel. or simple with the help of vb to enter data one by one in 5 row s and 3 coloums .

2. in enterd values i have to add searchings and adding,sustracting and show there result in same row colum field .

please help me to genrate this project.

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kindly post the codde that you are working on, and the part you are faing problem in.

i am just started to learn vb , and this is my first project

pls give me the code to start that .

project details are

1.i have to make five rows for numerical data enty boxes with unlimited columns . (it would be text boxes of vb or ole offce excel work sheet ) if any other plz suggest me .

2.i that boxes i have to put daily recorded numerical data in it sequence vise , from left to right.

3. after entering data i have to make various calculations and get there result in new same form , there are 10 types of calculations so that i have to make new 10 form for every calculations.and every calculated data will appear in a sequence of row and columns.

i am the briggner so please give me full and all the codes i will be very thankfull to u .......


kindly post the codde that you are working on, and the part you are faing problem in.

pthe project is :

i have to build a project for simple numerical data entery .
features of project:
this project relates to daily market prises updates of spacial comodites.
we got daliy one rate for whole day and we have to put that in our data :

like :
mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
1 1 2 3 4 5 6
5 7 7 9 0 78 6
11.2 22.4 11.2 ............................. and so on....

so we need to genrate seven rows and unlimeted columns for entering daily data

there is form 1 in which one tex box with click botton is there and we have to put enter text in next office excel worsheet or we can put that data in vb new text boxes which are auctonakicly genrate by clicking button.

please give me all the codes


When you have a problem, we can help you. We won't do this for you, however.

thxs for paying attention towards this job

i can uderstood
its ok.......
sir pls tell me how to use msflexgrid control....
for change the number of columns and rows with codes,
import data from excel sheet using getobject function,
and how it woks for display all data in textboxes or a new flexgrid.
and how to make a backend for this project an how dose it work with ny db access or sql ny1.
how to creating table over there .
what are the code for connect it by adodc connection to vb

please help me resolve all above if possble with codes and details.
i would be very thankfull to you.


You should start by reading This Thread. It will give you a solid foundation to start from.

i m very sorry to tell u that the above some of given links over excel dosent working.

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