Hi, I have a small problem...

I'm developing a small application (very similar to the Windows Task Manager) that I want to be able to control other application windows (Bring them up, change focus, minimize them and so on).

I don't know how to control the other windows, but I have managed to collect all processes that run on my computer (Which wasn't hard at all). Can I access the controlling-functions through the process classes or is there any other way to control them?

Please help me,

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How do I use (or read in) Windows libraries then?


I've been working on this with sendmessage, and to be honest, I've been having a hell of a time with using sendmessage in .NET. I can write one in less than 2 minutes that sends a minimize message to a window in VB6, but .NET has somehow made it much crazier to use sendmessage.... working on it, but looking grim :/

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