I have an executable vb.net application that opens an external application. My program using two screens. I was wondering if there was a way to have the application open the program on the selected window from the screen that the button is pushed. Opening the external application on the screen where the button was clicked. Does anyone know how to accomplish this. Currently my program opens the the external application in the same window no matter which screen the application is launched from.

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you can just use shell function to open an .exe with one button;

shell('.exe path')

if that doesn't answer your question would you care to elaborate, because i don't understand what you are asking.

Okay the application that I created is using two different screens, I need to be able to open the external application on the window that a button is clicked and not just the same window. Right or left.

The application is using dual monitors to display the information when a user clicks on a button. I am just trying to get an external application to appear in the necessary window when the button is clicked. Either the right window if the button is clicked in the right window and the left window if the button is clicked in the left window.

ohhh i see i use to have dual monitors and had the same problem. I dont know any code that can do taht but ill tell you what worked for me. whatever screen you close the app in, when you open it it will open in that screen.

this is just a guess but try to find the x and y axis co-ordinates in the place you want the app to run then if i am right you can just tell the form to open there.

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