hi i have just begun C++.
I already put some time in learning this so i now a few basics like creating a class and pointers and such.
but ive only been able to get a simple dos-window.
I know there is a window.h class that creates normal windows but i have no idea how to use it.
Is it able to create your own window class? that is exportable to other platforms.
can someone explain me how and where i start learning to develop a interface using a C++ IDE. Im currently using code-blocks.


Using Win32 Development it will be platform specific. IE it will only work on M$ Windows.
That is a rather nice tutorial on how to get started. You should also use MSDN for a reference manual if you are seriously looking at writing unmanaged Win32 Applications!


You can use the gtk+ library for creating the ui. Ther is an option in codeblocks for creating gtk+ projects. When u create a new project choose 'gtk+ project'. Of course, u need to download the library first. u can find it here http://www.gtk.org/

thx guys hope this gets me started anyone knows how to get the library into codeblocks? and which packaage i might need the gtk site got lots of individual packages