Hi, got some questions..
1) when i open an openfiledialogue nd then select multiple files,how to add each of the selected files in each datagridview row..
2) how to set progress bar for copyng a file using file.copy..

1) I infer you mean the filenames.
You can do something like foreach (String file in openFileDialog1.FileNames) FileNames being a property of he openfiledialog.

2)First set the Minimum and Maximum properties of the progressbar.
Then increment the Value property(beginning at 1) or call the PerformStep method of the progessbar.

Hey thx,i got my solution for my first question,could u pls write sum code for my second question

Yes, I could do that.
But would it not be more fun if you looked it up for yourself by googling ProgressBar in C#?
Lots of code examples out there.

As per the announcements at the top of the forum we dont tend to like giving flat code answers because in 90% of cases people just return the next time with an almost identical problem and cant see it because they dont take the time to learn what was given to them, they just copy and paste and move on.

Where as, if we teach you places to look for answers, you can move on yourself quicker, and will learn more, and dont have to wait for someone to answer your question .. and can be independant..

Sure, there are questions you cant ask google, and look up on MSDN, which are usually more of "code blindness" type issues, but, the internet has a vast array of information on it and there is a lot of it on c#, and examples, why reinvent the wheel, you can google just as much as we could.