Where we need to enter all type of symbols and contents in RTF (Windows application) some of the key issues to be addressed are easy entry of equations, mathematical formulas, diagrams and multi language support (UNICODE)

Previously Visual basic 6, we had solved it thru OLE call but .NET version didn't support OLE provision

I don’t want VSTO solution

How to Use .Net Interoperability Services and make an OLE call for ms-equation editor

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Thanx RamyMahrous,
Which reference, I have to add the reference functionality……
Please guide me


If you've the application which supports "equations, mathematical formulas, diagrams and multi language support (UNICODE)"
and want to use its functionality within your application, add a reference from your application to it


We had used RTF with ole call in Visual basic 6. It’s calling word doc file
Automatically comes word application menus in that form
We can select insert >> Objects >> MS equation editor, Paint, Photoshop,
I need the same functionalities in .NET environment

rtext.OLEObjects.Add , , App.Path & "\qpgen.doc"

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