Hey Everyone,

I've only ever used a little bit of C# before for forms, and when changing windows themes the form looks exactly the same (buttons in the same position, etc). If the height of the titlebar changes (e.g. Win Classic -> Win XP Style) everything still stays in the correct place the form just extends a tiny bit.

With Delphi 7 however everything shifts downwards if the titlebar size increases pushing the bottom of the buttons off the form (screenshot attached)

Is there any way to get Delphi 7 to behave the same way as the C# forms will do? Turning on "AutoSize" does something kind of similar but not suitable because in the actual form I have a groupBox around the main content and autosize causes that to get cut really close.

Many thanks for any help

Delphi 7 is not themes aware due to its age, so, you may need to recaclulate component locations on change.

Or upgrade to a version of delphi which has more theme awareness.