Hello guys...

First of all I don't know if I starting this thread in a correct Section..If I`m wrong then sorry mods...

Well I`m developing something from which you`ll be able to control any electrical item(Make it ON/OFF) from anywhere. I just wanted to know who will any company benefit from it or which types of company will be interested in such kind of stuffs...and why?

Well...I`m just trying as my college project...I just wanted to know how will the companies be interested in the project...

Not many companies are that interested in "buying" a student project. Some really capable students do occasionally turn their projects into businesses.

What they're interested in is your approach to defining the project, the problems you had, how you overcame them etc etc, to get some idea of how your approach to problem solving might fit in their organisation.

FWIW, your approach is a hell of a lot better than the stream of whiners who show up with the "plzsuggestproject2me" cluelessness.

At least you have an idea of what to do, and that puts you way in front IMO.
You'll be able to answer "why did you choose this project?" with a reasonable answer, and not something pathetic like "some dude on the web told me to do it" like the whiners would have to say (if they could say anything at all).

Thanks for such a nice reply...But I`m not interested in selling the project...I want to know which type of companies will be interested in implementing such devices in their workplace...

Those selling products in my first link I guess.

Sorry I didnt get you..
Can I have your yahoo or MSN id so that we can chat...It would be a lot easier...PM them to me if possible...


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I bet they're interested.
Can you find more?