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Create a C# application that uses 3 threads and the HTML colour specification, to slowly change its background colour every second.

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i begin studying c# and i have homework , i have some problem that i can't to do that , help me plz
my question is:
.create a c# application that uses 3 threads and the html colour apecification, to slowly change its backfround colour every second.

each thread controls the colour levles of different hues(which can range from 0-255);
.the first thread controls the red hue.
. the second thred control the green hue.
.the third thread controls the blue hue.
if the value of any hue reaches 255, it should be set back to 0.
the application should contain 3 buttons.
clicking any button will:
. start the corresponding thread if isn't already started
.stop the corresponding thread if it is running.
all threads must default to stopped at program load.

plz help me, thanks


This is something your text book use for. Forum is only for a specific problem, not to help you do your homework. At least you should try to do something and tell us what you couldn't do.

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