How do you compile this whole project in Visual C++ Express Edition ? The link is below ?


Will simply creating a new project and inserting all the files and then clicking Build Solution help ?

I don't want you to do this for me. I want to learn how all this will happen?

Any link to guide would be really appreciated.

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I just creating a new project,and then creating a new c++ source file.After u have finish the codes,then click compile option, a window will jump out,hoho


I meant the project in the link

How would you compile that ?

That project uses MFC which is not included in the Express Editions, meaning that you cannot compile it.


So what compiler should I use then?

MFC is Microsoft's commercial library and is not available for free. So you'd need to buy one of the Visual Studio editions that come with MFC.


You could rewrite it and remove all the MFC stuff, but you might need to buy a book to figure out how to do it because it can get complicated. I don't know if you can write a service program with the Express compiler or not -- never tried it.


Ok thanks I might look into downloading the trial version.

Isn't there any other solution? Downloading a 3.79 GB File with my connection will take days

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