I'd like to read/write xls files in Delphi. I think there's a way to do this using ADO. Can anyone provide an example or head me in the right direction. Thanks.

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as far as I know, for you to be able to read an excel document using delphi, you must first change your document's data type from .Xls to .Csv and open ur document like a textfile.


Totally untrue. You can read and write to excel. As I said, search the forum, there are a number of ways and code and so on within this forum


Thank you Jonase. The CSV file approach, which is nicely supported by TStrngList, is one way. I was unable to discover how to use the Delphi components TExcelApplicatioin, TExcelWorkBook, etc.

Using the non-visual components of TXLSWorkbook turned out to be very straight forward. NativeExcel by NikaSoft seems to be well written and, more importantly, well documented with good samples.

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