Hello, if you have seen any of my other posts you will know I am working on a script to make a "vocabulary test". I currently having it functioning nearly perfectly, except I get an error if I enter the wrong word.


def vocabtest():
    for r in words.values():
        count = 0
        while count < 3:
            print("What word does the following definition correspond with?")
            answer = raw_input("> ")
            if words[answer] == r: #Error
                count = 100000
            elif words[answer] != r:
                if count < 2:
                    count = count + 1
                    print("That is incorrect. Try again.")
                elif count == 2:
                    count = count + 1
                    print("That is incorrect. The answer was",str(words[r]) + ".")
                    fail[r] = words[r]

If I enter the wrong word, I get a Key Error at line 8. Would anybody be able to help? Thanks in advance.

Your problem is called "input validation". Each time that you ask some input to the user, there is a high probability that the user enters unexpected input and your program must handle this (= validate input). Here you could use a test like this

answer = raw_input("> ")
            answer = answer.strip() # <--- remove leading and trailing white space
            if answer not in words:
                pass # <-- Put here what you want to do when answer is not in words
            elif words[answer] == r: #Error
                count = 100000

However, I don't know what you want to do if the user enters an answer which is not in the dictionary.

Thanks Gribouillis, that solved my immediate problem. However, yes I am still a beginner, but how would I access...or just print the correct answer?


If you want to access the correct answer, you should iterate over the dictionary items instead of the values

def vocabtest():
    for a, r in words.items(): # <-- the answer is a
Very helpful and follows through with posts.

Thank you again. I have all my problems fixed. Now, however, I have a new problem. If you would be able to still help I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks again!

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