Whats up guys, I'm writing this java program and I'm having trouble with Strings. Does anybody know how to write the following methods?

public void bubbleSort() //sorts the array strings using Bubble Sort Algorithm (ascending)

public void selectionSort() //sorts the array strings using Selection Sort Algorithm (ascending)

public void insertionSort()//sorts the array strings using Insertion Sort Algorithm (ascending)

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Yes I am sure many people around here know how to write those methods, but we won't just give them to you for free, at the most we can offer you a pseudocode for these, but then since these sorting techniques are quite popular you can find an algorithm for them on the net or in a DS book quite easily. When you have done that and if you have any specific problems, you can post and we will help you.

EDIT : Also since these questions have been asked and answered on the forum many times over, searching the forum for similar threads would also provide needed information.

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