i m a new user of c language.whenever i try to run my program a message error is displayed as"not able to open the file named C0S.OBJ.what is the meaning of that?and what should i do?please anybody help me.

>what is the meaning of that?
Your computer is mad at you for asking it to run a object file that for some reason doesn't exist.

>and what should i do?
Get your hands off the keyboard and step away from the computer.

>please anybody help me.
If you want someone to help you, more information is necessary.
What compiler you are using, what's the code you are trying to run, what is the original copy of the error message, and any pertinent information that it would make us understand what the heck you are doing.
Anything else is a guessing. Unless, someone, have created the same program and had the same error.

First See that if C0S.obj exist in the folder "...\TC\LIB\"
If this file does not exist then try to reinstall Turbo C.

Or install a compiler which is actually compatible with your real OS (and not just compatible with the 20th century emulation of a dead OS).