I have to write a program that simulates a basketball game...
I have the majority of it worked out with the following two exceptions
1) I can't figure out how to make my timer work. Each game is broken up into, quarters then into match ups. Each match up is supposed to take 12 seconds. All it does is make two comparisons, but I want it to compare display the results and then, display the info for the next match up.
2) My form displays two teams and their 5 players stats... its a 3-d array. Because they are numeric values I call for them with the following:

sampleLabel = Convert.ToString(samplevariable)

So now when my program executes it wipes out all of my array values that I need to keep the same through the whole game.

I'm new at this so I can use all the ideas I can get...

is that in VB 6.0 ?

yeah. I'm pretty sure that it has to do with the way I converted the integers to strings. The program has three main sets of instructions. Most of my values are going to stem from the first set of instructions, so I called all my values by address... but it made me convert them, and that is when I started having problems. I had is executing right before, but then I added a timer. Now nothing works.