Hi All,

I am new to programming world,

i wanted to make a script which will create folder when counting of files breaks.

for Example-

1) I have 1000 no of jpg files in a single folder.(but )
2) but these files has a number break in between. (like it will start from 0001 to 0150 and again will start from 0165 to 500 ,and so on )
3) i wanted to move the break files in to a new folder, and continue to search for new break files.

I am working with film and television industries.

Here we gets a Jpg or Tga sequences of movie but not sequencial so we have to search manually for sequence break and move that files in to a folder.

Kindly help me with any script or small programme.


The code above create a folder with the name writen in the text1.

i'd like to create a subFolder with the name in Text 2
and a Sub-SubFolder with the namein Text 3 ...

Please any idea?

Private Sub Command1_Click()

MkDir "C:" + Text1.Text

End Sub