Hello guys,
I have 2 questions....
1. I don't know what format is the best for saving screenshots in. I have tried .BMP, its good quality, but 5MB per screenshot is just not acceptable.
I have tried .JPG, but quality is too low. TGA is crap (you need apple quicktime crappy viewer which costs money, also too big in size).
I was thinking about PNG? Is it good format in both, quality and size, but I am wondering about compatibility...
a) Is it supported by all versions of windows Image Viewer? Is it compatible with also older versions of Windows Explorer? Does it have any limitations?

2. I make screenshots save as hour/minute/second (day/month/year).
I would like to use ":" between hour, minute etc, but I cant, since Windows does not let filename include ":".
So, instead of 15:47:12 what could it be so people wouldnt be confused and understand its time info...

Thanks in advance,


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Yes, PNG is a good format.
Yes, you will have compatibility problems with standard MS tools if you go far enough back in versions.

> So, instead of 15:47:12
Maybe HH_MM_SS format ?


Thanks salem,

I will try .png, (even if Windows Vista image viewer cant load it). Paint opens it perfectly, so its OK.

HH_MM_SS isnt very helpful. I decided to save as:
3DMV_194903 (28-01-2009)
As you can see, its 3DMV_HHMMSS (date).
I think it doesnt really matter the filename, since screenshot thumb tells everything.


Vista will be fine.
I thought you meant something like W2K or 98.
Find libpng to do all the heavy work, it should be pretty easy from there.

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