Dear Experts,
I am willing to port my window based appliaction in to Mobile based application. I am using few asm files based on x86 instruction set. I would like to use the same asm files in to Mobile based appliaction in Visual Studio 2005 environment. As far as I concern under Visual studio 2005 mobile based application uses ARM compiler where in window based it was MASM. So I am facing a lot of problem in porting such code in to Mobile based application. If any body work on the same issue earlier and can somehow help me in sorting the above problem ,then I am really thankful .

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> I am using few asm files based on x86 instruction set.

If you did this for "performance reasons" on a PC, what makes you think the app will even run on a mobile platform, which is usually well behind the curve in terms of current processor performance.

Rewrite the functionality in the appropriate high level language for starters.

your compiler supports several different processor types, depending on which hardware manufactures SDK you install. You will have to port that assembly code to each of those processors that you want to support. Salem's suggestion is best -- port the assembly code to C or C++ and you won't have that problem anymore.

On another note -- there are a lot of win32 api functions that work on PC that are not available on wireless hardware which run WinCE or Mobile 5.0. Depending on what your program does porting difficulty may range from easy to impossible.