I have a strange kind of problem. I never faced it nither heard about it.
All controls are disappeared from Design mode.:'(
Form.Designer.cs is having complete code of control initialization but there is no control in design mode... :confused:

I tried to add new controls with same name, it says control already exist.:-/

What is the possible reason of this?
I want to regenerate those old controls kindly help...:?:

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that sounds a bit odd. usually that happens when theres a conflict, or I have had one case where I added a grid component and it got very confused by adding qualified name spaces unnecessarily and confusing itself.

As long as you sort out any issues with the form1.designer.cs file, it should then work out the GUI based designer form.

Thanks LizR for your attention towards my post. It really sounds me odd too but i faced it. Everything is going good no error, no exception. I had gone through complete Forms.designer.cs code it is alright. Still am geting blank form.

What happens when you run the application? Controls appears or not? if yes try to remove the form from the solution then get it from recycle bin to the solution folder add existing item and select it.

I tried a lot but unfortunately i found that it is a bug in Windows application of VS-2005. Day after tomorrow there is client review. So I have decided to redesign that form and copy the codes.
Thanks to all.

OK, please mark this thread as solved.

you must check your Designer.cs code well. U will see that all control that you are created is not added to form using [this.Controls.Add(any_control);]. Some time it required to add controls to form by manually writing code in designer code.Just go and write code to add that controls manually.After doing this rebuild the project and restart the Visual Studio IDE.[for more help check other form's Designer.cs code]
I HoPe It will Help YOU.

Ok i have had the very same issue, ive been working on this project for months now. Today without any prior change to design the Form Controls just Disappeared over night, the Designer code is untouched.. Is there a patch for this problem ?

Guys, did you notice that this thread was started over a year ago!
Please don't post to old threads.
@badr9: I think shashank185 has the right answer but if you want others to help then maybe think about starting a new thread.

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