Hi All,

I am new to programming world,

i wanted to make a script which will create folder when counting of files breaks.

for Example-

1) I have 1000 no of jpg files in a single folder.(but )
2) but these files has a number break in between. (like it will start from 0001 to 0150 and again will start from 0165 to 500 ,and so on )
3) i wanted to move the break files in to a new folder, and continue to search for new break files.

I am working with film and television industries.

Here we gets a Jpg or Tga sequences of movie but not sequencial so we have to search manually for sequence break and move that files in to a folder.

Kindly help me with any script or small programme.


As this appears to be your third post on the same topic (different forums) in less than a week, I have to ask, did you read the FAQ's?

We will generally not provide a canned solution for you, we will help you to develop your own solution to the problem, but you're going to have to do most of the work.

If you think you're up to the work part, lets start by developing an algorithm. Lets think about how you might go about solving the problem manually and then we can try to adapt that to a solution.

So if I understand your problem description, the 'real-world' equivalent would be something like the following.

I've just handed you a pile of 3x5 cards, each of them has a name on it (this is to represent the filenames of your jpgs) and I give you a stack of envelopes.

Your job is to group the cards into sequences and put the cards from a sequence into an envelope and label the envelope. (This represents the folders you want to create.)

What steps would you follow to group the cards and put them in envelopes?

This would be a great beginner project for Python. The forum members are here to help you but not here to do your work for you. Help us help you by fleshing out your ideas.