Hello all. Im back with another question : /
You see.. At my house. We connect to our home network, in order to do so i must put in a HUGE Wep Password and bla bla bla. It takes for ever. And whenever lets say i get a new computer or somthing i have to do it all over again.
I was wondering if there is a way to do this in C++. Can i make a program that would connect to my home network, and put in the password. So that whenever i have a new comp or somthing. I just take that program from my thumb drive and connect.

I dont know if this is possible, and i thought if it was possible from CMD it would be extreamly easy. But i don't think it is.

Thanks Guys.

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I'm going to assume we're talking about windows here, so my first suggestion would be to research how/where the registry gets updated when you put in the WEP password. They have software tools available that can alert you whenever a registry key has changed (or simply load up regedit, export the entire thing to a .reg file (before you put in the WEP password) then put in the WEP password, and export the registry again, then run a diff or compare on them). Once you know what changes are made in the registry, simply write code to add those settings to the registry on the new machines.
An alternative method, would be to figure out the dialogbox or software that windows uses to allow you to put in the WEP key, use an API like findwindow and findwindowex to get the child window handle of the textbox that accepts the WEP key, and use sendmessage to send the password key to the box.... then have the code use sendmessage to the "ok" button.

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