How can I remove the selection triangle in the rowheader of a DataGridView?
I looked here, I googled, MSDN etc.
Perhaps I overlooked it on how to do it because it is such a huge class. The only thing I have right now is the ShowEditingIcon property. When set to false it removes the pencil icon while editing a cell in that row.
Even a slight hint would be much appreciated.

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Thanks Antenka!
It works!
One small problem, I still want to show my HeaderCell.Value, which I previously had but now seem to have disappeared also.

Then make the padding less :) or put your text on the left, and pad the arrow out

Thanks Lizr.
My HeaderCell width is 55 when I use padding of 3 all is OK.
A padding of 2 or 4 won't work. Strange but I will mark this as solved.
Thanks again for your input, both of you !

Hi guys,

But still there is an issue. When you dragging the rowHeader still you can see the triangle. How can I resolve that

Thanks and Regards

How can I resolve that

By not resurrecting old threads and by starting a new one with your question, and referring to this one.

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