I want to understand the JDBC thoroughly (i.e. all 4 types of drivers). Any body can help me in the following. I have searched for the resources to clear this for the past 6 months. But I can't able to clear these.

1. Difference between the 4 types of drivers.
2. What are the different drivers used for the 4 types of drivers.
3. How to connect the front end to the back end using the 4 types of drivers(With samples for each type of driver).
4. If any other concepts related to each of the 4 type of drivers.

I need at least one code example for each type of driver. I can use the JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver. But I don't know how to use the other types of drivers. I've refered few books and searched in the web also. But I've not got any idea. If any body knows some thing please help me.

Do a little searching. From that link alone, with a few clicks, you can get to all the other information needed. It's all there. Really, no one is going to do your (home)work for you.