I am getting some errors. 4 are C2143 2 of which point to the function prototype void ArrayFunc(int, int, float, int[SIZE][2],float[SIZE],int &,int &); and the other 2 C2143 errors point to void ArrayFunc (int count, int hours, float total, int array1[][2], float array2[], int &row, int &column) (the function definition). Also there are 4 C2059 errors that direct me to the same lines as the C2143 errors. Please help me with this problem, someone.

#include <stdio.h>
#define SIZE 10

void PrintHeading (void);
void PrintValues (int, int, float);
float CalcVal (int);
void ArrayFunc (int, int, float, int[SIZE][2],float[SIZE],int &,int &);
char ReadChoice(void);
int ReadHours(int hours);
void PrintArray(int [SIZE][2], float[SIZE]);

int main (void)

    int count=0;                //counter
    int hours=0;                //hours
    char choice;                //users choice for continuing
    float total=0;              //total charge
    int array1[SIZE][2]={0};    //holding customer number and hours
    float array2[SIZE]={0};     //holding customer total
    int row = 0, column = 0;    //


    //assinging customer number 

    ArrayFunc(count,hours,total,array1, array2,row,column);
    PrintValues(count, hours, total);
    choice = ReadChoice();
    }   while (choice=='y' || choice=='Y');


return 0;

void PrintHeading(void)

    //print display
    printf ("%-15s %-10s %-10s","Customer","Hours","Total Charge\n");


void PrintValues(int count, int hours, float total)
    //print display
    printf ("%-15d %-10d %5c %-10.2f\n", count, hours, '$',total);


float CalcVal(int hours)
    //begin loop for repetition

float total=0;

    if (hours<3 && hours>0)
        if (hours>=19 && hours<=24)
            total = 10;
            if (hours > 3 && hours < 19)
                total = (hours-3)*.5 + 2;
                if (hours > 24)
                    printf ("Invalid Entry...Try Again");
        //need to repeat if entry is incorrect

    return total;


void ArrayFunc (int count, int hours, float total, int array1[][2], float array2[], int &row, int &column)

    //storing customer information inside arrays MAKE A FUNCTION AND PRINT ARRAY OUT THAT NEEDS TO BE IN A SEPERATE FUNC
    array1[row][column++] = count;
    array1[row][column] = hours;
    array2[row] = total;
    row++; //change to next row in array
    column=0; //reset to first column in 2-D array


char ReadChoice(void)
char choice;
    //ask if user wants to continue
    printf ("Would you like to continue? y=yes n=no\n");
    scanf ("%*c%c",&choice);
return choice;

    //end of loop

int ReadHours(int hours)
    //ask for # of hours
    printf("Please enter # of hours:\n\n");
    scanf ("%d",&hours);

return hours;

void PrintArray(int array1[] [2], float array2[])

    int row=0, column=0;
    //print array findings

    for( ; row<=SIZE; row++)
        printf ("%-15d %-10d %5c %-10.2f\n", array1[row] [column], array1[row] [column], array2[row]);



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I figured out my own thread. There are some &'s which don't need to be in here on the function prototype line and also the function definition line.

Include your codes within the code syntax.Its really hard to analyze it without it.Have a look at the code tags.

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