I am using xsl and xml for Report generation. In XSL I have created a table which has 6 columns and say 7 rows, in 6th column of each row I want to display multiple rows again. For this I am thinking of passing new line character after particular length of data in that XML field.
(Note that data XML is getting generated through JAVA, and my XSL is using this Data xml for generating PDF report.) I want to ask, is there any way we can pass new line character in the field of data xml through java code, If yes what will be the new line character and how can we create a data field in xml for it.

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You could use 

Thanks for Replying,

I have tried using that from JAVA code, I have passed 
 in XML field to data XML, Its getting displayed in Data XML also, but XSL gives error to it.


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