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im doing a program of consolidate database. however, my scope is to do it automatically. so far, i have designed a timer and also codes to insert the data from excel file into MySQL database. then, my idea is whenever there is an error occured in a particular rows of data, the program will capture the rows that have error and put/paste it in one temporary excel files..then continue inserting other rows. does anyone have any idea how to do this. if possible can i have the source code of this. thanx in advance!!

this is part of my program to insert data into the database;

Row = 2
Col = 1
Do While oexcel.Cells(Row, Col) <> ""


rsCVM!USER_NAME = CStr(oexcel.Cells(Row, 1))
rsCVM!DAY = CStr(oexcel.Cells(Row, 2))
rsCVM!USER_ID = CStr(oexcel.Cells(Row, 3))
rsCVM!ADDRESS = CStr(oexcel.Cells(Row, 4))
rsCVM!CONTACT_NO = CStr(oexcel.Cells(Row, 5))
rsCVM!POINT = CSng(oexcel.Cells(Row, 6))

StatBar.Panels(1).Text = "Inserted " & Row - 1 & " data of " & numData & " into database"
Row = Row + 1

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What kind of errors?

Thanx for ur quick reply. Anyway, the error that will possibly occured is type (format) or length of the data that to be inserted are not the same as been declared in the table in MySQL database.

you can use vartype to see if a variable is of a given data type.... for example:

If VarType(hWndOrForm) = vbLong Then
    ' /* Set hWnd To The Value Of The Passed Long */
    hwnd = hWndOrForm
    ' /* Otherwise, It's A Form That Has been passed... Grab It's Handle */
    hwnd = hWndOrForm.hwnd
End If

checks to see if the variable is of type long. If it's about formatting, you can use the format$ function to reformat the data they posted (for example, a date in the wrong layout), or you could split apart the string and see if unauthorized characters (letters in a currency field) are found...

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