hi, i am REALLY new to C++ and don't really understand much of anything about the pointers and references and the way the files are set up.

HOWEVER, i have an assignment to do that SHOULD help me get a grasp on some of the key concepts before we go to the big stuff. we are working in Unix and i am using Pico. UNIX is ALSO very new to me. i know about 8 commands.

so the prof. has given us an assignment and a skeleton code that has the names of some of the functions that we need to define ... BUT he wrote in the instructions taht was are to "split" the solution into 3 files: IntArray.h, IntArray.C, and test.C.

i have only done ONE pgm in C++ on UNIX. i just wrote the thing (consisted of some loops and branches only) closed pico. saved my file as a .C. then i did g++ on it and a.out. i have no clue how to SPLIT my file and what it is for and what parts are to be in which!!

any suggestions (in as non-techie language as possible ... ) would be great!


the h file contains the declaration of the functions in your intarray.c file.
by also including the h file into other c files you can make those functions known without having to rewrite them. Just compile them once and tell the linker to include the compiled file when linking your application.
How to do that is compiler dependent, I guess your teacher will have provided instructions.