// Program 2.25: Distance an object travels in miles
// and time it takes to travel that distance
// Author: Eric Martin
// Date: 9/30/2004
 #include <iostream.h>
using namespace std;
   int main()
      int distanceInMiles;
      int speedInMPH;
      int timeInMinutes;

      cout << "Computes time to travel given distance and speed" << endl;

      cout << "Enter distance in miles: ";
      cin  >> distanceInMiles;
      cout << "Enter speed in miles per hour: ";
      cin  >> speedInMPH;

      timeInMinutes = distanceInMiles * 60 / speedInMPH;

      cout << "It takes " << timeInMinutes << " minutes to travel " 
           << distanceInMiles << " miles at " 
           << speedInMPH << " miles per hour" << endl;

      return 0;

When I build the program in Visual Studio..it comes up with fatal error: unable to locate .h file or somethin...wtf? :(

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i have the same prob with dev c++ i couldn't figure out how to fix it. Try just doing a reinstall. This is such annoying problem too because most programs are made with iostream header file.

Try #include<iostream> instead of iostream.h
Not sure if that will definitely work, but supposedly it's the new standard.

I agree with cscgal,

I have stated this time and time again:

The difference between iostream and iostream.h (summary)
You should avoid using the *.h version as much as possible, because some implementations have bugs in their *.h version. Moreover, some of them support non-standard code that is not portable, and fail to support some of the standard code of the STL.

Furthermore, the *.h version puts everything in the global namespace. The extension-less version is more stable and it's more portable. It also places everything in the std namespace.

iostream.h is an old style method of including std C++ headers, and in opposite to iostream you don't have to declare that you're using the std namespace.

As cscgal stated, #include <iostream> without the *.h may solve the issue.

- Stack Overflow

that solved it for me thanks dani. There is no more errors when i compile it using because of that i still have some bugs to tweak with dev c++ but im not sure if i downloaded the beta or not. Sorry about tagging your problem.

i tried iostream without .h...and i get even more fatal errors...i guess i should reload?

>i tried iostream without .h...and i get even more fatal errors...i guess i should reload?
No, you should consider namespaces. An easy fix is to say using namespace std; after you include all of your headers. This isn't the best fix, but it is quick and usually works if you don't have other errors.

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