I am in Urgent need.
I want to develop a software in vb6[coz good in it] to split pdf files.
There are few software available for that but my issue is i want to split pdf file according to the data.
The files contain statements some are 1 pages, some are 2 pages etc.
So, I think i have to read the data for it to determine the pages in a statement.
What should i Do.

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- Google Search CutePDF
- Download and Install it (it is free)
- That will create a PDF printer
- open the PDF File using VB and Acrobat reader
- Send the file to CutePDF printer from page 1 to page 1
- Send the file to CutePDF printer from page 2 to page 2 etc...


I think u did'nt get me ........... I want to split it according to data...........
The pdf files contains statement of client which are of variable pages.
I want THe pdf to be splited in such a way that all the Clients with 1 page are in one file, 2 pages in another file etc..........
I dont have the raw data ........ Just The PDF FILE

I need a free library. I have acro 8 Full version already installed on my comp. Can any library from it help me.
I also need to sort the statement in PDF FILE pincode wise according to data.

On Second Thought I can purchase the software but i need the sample code of how to access the pdf file and some more Demo In vb6.
Can U Help Me To Find It...............

I believe, that once you purchase the product/download the free trial/either way, there should be samples for you to learn from but on the other hand I just downloaded the SDK from Adobe for free, and the last time I did this so many years ago, they had many examples. The link is...


However, not having looked at this SDK version I can only tell you from my memory of the previous version I used and it was not simple.

Good Luck

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