in C# if you add @ before your string literals the escape sequences are not processed, so :

you can use :

@"c:\Docs\Source\a.txt"  // rather than "c:\\Docs\\Source\\a.txt"

is there any c++ equivalent of doing that?


No, there isn't.
I wish there was.

But like cikara21 pointed out, you can use forward slashes for directory strings, if that's your only concern.
You should really always use forward slashes anyways as they are more cross-platform I believe (Windows can go either way, Linux/Unix usually require forward slashes).

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No my question was about not processing escape characters, it was not about file paths. But thanks for the answers, it is also good to know what not to search for.

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No, there isn't.
I wish there was.

yeah..really sorry for that..