I am new to c# and would like if I could get some assistance in the design of an application. My experience in c# is limited to the month I've completed so far of a course at school. I have also spent a decent amount of my time reading internet tutorials and playing around in code. Outside of c# the only other programming languages I'm fluent in (if you can call them languages) are php, html, and css. I also have a good bit of experience with access, progreSQL, mySQL etc.

The application I would like to complete does the following things.
-Take user input and use it to query a large table and return a smaller table that will be used as a form.
-Allow user to edit this form
-Remove null values left after user edits the form
-Store & print the completed form

ie. I have an enormous table of parts. These parts are broken down into approx. 20 main sizes. I want the user to be able to query for the size piece they need and view a form containing only parts for that size.

The user then should be able to edit three of the columns (yes/no values), and remove all entries with null values in these three rows.

Then this part order should be stored in a printable format.

I'm planning on using an access database connected via the OLEdb method.

I am looking for any direction on where I should start with this project. Should I use a different type of db? Should I use tableAdapters or what to display the editable form? How and in what format should I be saving these filled out forms? How do I control the printable output of these forms?

Thanks in advance

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I am clearly not planning on mixing db types. I was asking what is the preferred db when developing in c#.


There isnt really a "preferred" its whats required. an Access DB is rarely ideal but, if thats all you have..


Okay I probably need to be more specific. The major issue I'm struggling with right now, is how to get the data to display in the form I want it to.

I have tried the following methods so far:

I attempted to connect using data-->add new data sources...--> follow prompts and get connected-->drag a table onto the form-->write a basic query in data designer view. This method worked in the sense that I connected to the DB and was able query and display results based on a single query with user input. I wasn't able to allow the user to edit the resulting table or save it, and my query wasn't stored in my forms code which seemed weird to me.

I have also tried doing it all in code using oledb method. I did so by adding the oledb data method, set up a connection string but then was unsuccessful at populating a datagrid with any type or results.

I need to be able to query my entire table for a group of items of the same size. Then the user needs to edit the last 3 columns and the resulting form needs to have all null values in the last 3 columns removed, and the form needs to be saved.

I realize these are big questions and no one wants to do someone elses work, but any help pointing me in the right direction would be stellar.


Okay, I will see if I can be of help.
First, I am not a fan of Access databases, I am primarily an SQL guy, but the concepts are the same.

Some definitions need to be explored. When you say "form" are you referring to a DataGridView on a WinForm ?

When you say null out the last three columns of the un selected (non populated) columns ? Do you intend to get rid of (make invisible) the rows that do not have a value in these three columns ? and at what time does this happen (button click event somewhere on the form) ?

I assume by some of your comments that you are using the IDE to create your data access layer class (DAL). The IDE (IMO) performs a horrible job of it, and is typically more of a stumbling block than helpful for new developers.

Lets look at your requirements:
The application I would like to complete does the following things.
-Take user input and use it to query a large table and return a smaller table that will be used as a form.
-Allow user to edit this form
-Remove null values left after user edits the form
-Store & print the completed form

Getting the data into the grid is pretty simple. DataSet with a bindingSource and a DataGridView... I take it that you have this much done so far. Editing the Grid depends on if the properties allow you to perform edits. Once that is setup, and the user sets the Yes values, you will want to take the changes and store them to another table in your database that can be used for the report... OR you can generate the report on the fly and save the report to file or a database (your choice).

What are you using for report generation ? HTML?, Crystal, SQL Reporting? Word 4 Win, Adobe ? RTF, Excel ? Simple Form Print, or the Report Builder in Pro and higher versions of VS ? , Other ?

If you want to post your existing project code or send it to my email address, I will get your code working for you.
You can post it here in DaniWeb, or to my personal email account (shawjh@meadowcrk.com) or to the private mail on DaniWeb.
Don't forget to include some data.


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