After some research I found this link http://splainhow.com/jogl_eclipse.html which explains how to set up a project in Eclipse to use OpenGL with it. But I want to integrate the OpenGL libraries for JOGL with Eclipse so that I can import and use them with any projects. Does that make sense?

(Also, I searched for this question on daniweb, and found nothing similar)

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Yes, that seems to be what I need. What I don't understand is that if OpenGL is an API, or a set of functions, i.e. a library of sorts, then why would I need to 'add OpenGL to be used for the specific project' like the link I posted suggests? I feel like I'm missing something here....


Any Third Party Library you use in Java you needs to be added in your "classpath" that is what Eclipse indirectly does above, Else how would your Java program know about the APIs and functions in that library.

If you do not wish to add it to each and every project you make in Eclipse manually I suggest dropping the JAR in your "$JRE_HOME/lib/ext" folder, that way it would be automatically present in the classpath of every project you make using that JRE.

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