my query is..

i have combobox in that i have to load the particular column from db..

for that i used
for i= o to dt.rows.count -1

my doubt is...

i have lots of columns in my table(db)...
if i load combobox one value in form then the respective(other) fields from the database (it should take) and display in the form..

for ex If E_Id column is loaded in combobox (how to load pls) then the respective Employee detils should be displayed from the db and display in forms

pls reply ASAP

From comboBox properties, select Data Source, Display Member, etc..
Display Member = the column you want to show it to the user.


Tx for soon reply.It's very much understandable answer for me....but still i didnt get ans what i expect ..

as per your answer by the help of datasource ,display memeber we can dispaly watever field we need ..

in a form i have one combobox,Empname textbox,Empdetail textbox
from that i have to do below works from sql db

For Ex in a combobox i choose one particular Emp_Id then it should display respective empname,empdetail in the respective txtboxs..(Those details contain in a sql db..)

pls reply ASAP...