Their are commercial/delphi solutions to reading GPS input from the USB port but these do maybe 10, 20 or a 100 things whereas I used to read input via the COM port and then do whatever after that. Is there a small (?) piece of delphi (7 or lower) code even if it must be bought which shows how to read input from the USB port.

USB ports arent seen like com or lpt ports, it needs a specific drive, and understanding on how to work with it - unless you can find some form of instruction on making calls to your specific device. It could be very difficult.

I researched for about 6 to 8 hours on the internet and found "expensive" products but am still hoping for just the part of the solution. I will implement 10's of thousands of lines of code to solve all sorts of problems but do not want to re-invent a wheel someone already has made... I'm not sure from whom the comment below your answer comes, because I work thousands of hours on logic problems but these sort of machine based access problems I want to trust others more close to the machine work with and may be able to help!
I think it's a funny/clever response but in this case not appreciated!

Its not supposed to be funny or clever. Its the simple truth. You dont access a USB device in terms like COM1, LPT1, as a result unless you can find code to help you use the drive for the GPS device. You wont get anywhere fast.