Hi i'm planning to create a music player for linux. I actually dont knw if shell script allows you to create one. Please let me know what programming languages do i need to know to develop one.

I'm not going to say that shell script can't... but I will say it's probably not a great idea. I mean, assuming the proper rights, you might be able to use simple output redirection to sends the contents of the song directly to the output device. This depends on a huge number of factors, and the song will likely need to be converted first... but it could be done I guess.
Personally, I'd do it in C++, by using some of the mad open source libraries out there...... it would be pretty simple really.... learn a few types, make a few classes, play a few songs.

by C++ you mean Borland C++ or any other kind....i mean how would you design an aesthetic interface.....

Depends on the OS. I would probably use WXWidgets (cross platform), fltk (cross-platform), or QT (cross-platform). You can create a pretty nice interface with these libraries. Borland C++ is a compiler (program that converts c++ source code to machine code). You can use something like code::blocks (WITH MINGW). It's a pretty good IDE/Compiler. Since the question is about shell scripting though.... how would you make an interface with shell scripts?

yeah thats what i wanted to know, i heard a friend saying something about music player through shell scripting, but that was a long time back. I think i'll try the IDEs that you have suggested and come back......

Cheers :)

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