Doesnt matter if i build, rebuild, clean and do all again, if i want to debug it will ask again and build it before execute the program...

I dont know what happened, I have been like a month away from my pc, and now i returned and visual studio(2005 pro) is crazy...its like i cant let it to much time alone or it will brake..

Whats going on? I guessed about read permissions in some file, but dont know what file to search...

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Isn't there a checkbox on that dialog somewhere that says "Do not show this warning again", or something along those lines? If it's there, try pressing it :icon_confused:


yeah, but thats is really not a good idea, since it will keep building and building ever...get it?
if i test the program, quit it, and test again it will rebuild, theres no more "- 1 up to date " ...it sucks


Try creating a new project with the same code. If it works, great. You can just ditch the broken one.

Didnt work..the problem is really on VS..i tried resetting all settings to default, didnt work..its like a damn bug, maybe my windows is the problem, but im not seeing anything wrong.. u__u****

its like it is not saving the building status


Well since you bought it from microsoft, don't they owe you a working product? (just joking!). At any rate you could always ask them.


I dont understand, theres some old project that works fine( build and detect "up to date") but others are with the same problem now...
what the hell is happening??! Dx thats so annoyng

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