I have problem to change table design in access.
I have imported data and table is like:
Product; Name1; Name2; Name3...etc
And i should change it be like:
Product; Name; qty ..and all data..

Any good ideas how i will change this ir right shape..?

are you trying to convert the horizontal model to horizontal ?

Yes i'm trying to change this horizontal data --> verticall mode..

1.take backup of the table.
2.create new table with vertical model
3.then you need to remap the old data to new model

in this step you will face some diffucilty.
I will try to post some easy solutions for you later on.

If you have some examples it will be more than great!!
My biggest problem is that i do not know what to do because everytime when i import data i will not know how many columns there will come.. First i try to great many union gueryes.. but it is impossible to handle.. or atleast it is very difficult..and not very practical...