i have this code:

import webbrowser, random
import os
import os.path
running = 1
DIR="C:/Documents and Settings/Owner/My Documents/georges poopy/main music/"
music = filter(lambda x: x.lower().endswith("mp3"),os.listdir(DIR))
music = list(music)
choice = int(raw_input("Press 1 to play a new song"))
while running == 1:
    if choice == 1:
        song = random.choice(music)
    choice = float(raw_input("Press 1 to play a new song"))

that i got with help from the daniweb comunity but i want to expand it so that instead of only choosing from a folder i can just use DIR="C:/" and also i would like to know if there is a way to remove the choice = float(raw_input("press 1 to play a new song")) so that it will simply choose a new song at the end of the old one

For the file choosing, you should check out the filedialog module. Google for references on it.

For the endless looping, take a look at the code and think about how to remove the element of choice from it.


ermm... that should be tkFileDialog. Sorry. (and who disabled the "Edit" feature?!)


I think you have something like 30 minutes to edit the post. After that it is toggled to off. I suppose to keep old posts from being edited endlessly.