can someone hlep me with this ?
i have the user names. now i need to find the name of the machine they are logged on to.
how can i do this? i mean
known : username, domain
needed : machine name

pls help i really need this one.

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I don't understand what you are doing. They are logged into a server, and you want to know which machine it's from?

so : we have a large network - about 1,2k computers. i need to check on witch pc the user xyz is logged on. then i need to send some data to that pc. but this is not so hard so i just need to know find a way to programmaticaly find out the name of the computer.
i have found an application that is doing this but i need a code (or at least the way to do it) to include it in my own application.

netsh wins cannot run on windows workstations. i need my code to be run from a workstation.
maybe i'll find a way to do it.
if this application can, that means there is a way to do it. but i'm not good enough to "hack" it to see what it does... :(

I know one solution, but it's not what you want to do. You could basically build a server app, in VB, which accepts connections on one specific machine. Then, each workstation would have another VB program, that would connection through the network to that server app, and upload the computer name, the IP address, and the logged in user. Then, when they log out, simple connect again, and have them removed from that database, but that's a lot of overhead for something that should be fairly simple. I'll keep looking around.

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