I'm not even sure where to post this, but since I wrote the code in VB6, maybe here...

This is really more of an Outlook problem, but what I'm doing is programatically creating email. Here's the problem.

My VB6/Access application is installed on a Vista machine, and the host machine has Office 2007 with Outlook 2007. In Outlook, you can host multiple identifies, as you can with Outlook Express, but in the latest Outlook, you Send/Receive for all identities as the same time. When my program creates an email, it's always creating it with an identity not intended as the sender of the email. I need a way to tell Outlook, either programatically or with a setting, which identity to use as the sender. Second, with each email, the user gets a message box that forces them to identify the email type. When the message box appears, the email type has the addressees email address in it, and you have to manually change it to SMTP before you can send the message.

So...I need to be able to tell Outlook which senders ID to default to, and I need a way to specify the format as SMTP. If I can't do that, I get a message box for every email generated which kinda defeats the purpose of generating the mail programatically in the first place.


Your code working with the outlook object... what's it look like?

What's it look like? It's a thing of beauty !

What are you interested in. I'd be happy to share.