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is there a way to pass in numbers(int) like this?


thanks for any help

solution-yes we can pass it like this:
int a[0,0],b[2,4];
int c=3;
we can declare these variables seperately like this ...but collectively we can't do this as u asked...
i think the method i told u ..it will definitely help u....try it


Passing parameters to a method requires the correct parameter list declaration in the Method construct.

If you plan on passing a strictly typed list then for your example:

private void something(int[] a, int[] b, int c)

If you do not know how many parameters you are going to send, or the order then you can use a different approach:

private void something(params object[] data )

To Call either of these methods you can format the call as such:

something(new int[] { 0, 1 }, new int[] { 2, 3 }, 3);

Note that if you have both of these method constructs, the more exact version is what will be used:
IOW the one with the something(int[] a, int[] b, c) is prime because it exactly meets the parameters being called.
If you rearrange the parameters so that the int is in position 0 or one, then it uses the something( params object[] data) version.

To use the "params" version you could do something like this:

private void something(params object[] data )
            int sum = 0;
            int[] somearray;
            foreach (object obj in data)
                if(obj.GetType() == typeof(int[]))
                    somearray = (int[])obj;
                    foreach (int n in somearray)
                        sum += n;
                else if (obj.GetType() == typeof(int))
                    sum += (int)obj;

Happy Coding // Jerry

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