Hey everyone!

I have a problem when I save using FileOutputStream, ObjectOutputStream...

Well, there is no problem saving a file in my java application to specified folder e.g. "C:/folder/" (that is made with JFileChooser) but the problem is that I want to use MY self made icon (that has, lets say .xxx as file extension) instead of the file icon that represents my saved file through my java application that is the Windows unknown icon.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Example: If you save in notepad the icon representing the file is usually an icon that looks like a document. So in my java application I want to use my icon representing my saved file through my java application

Those are things determined by the OS. Windows display the icon of the file type association. Altering any of those would require Windows-specific code to alter the registry for that association. Java itself does not get involved with those things.

Thx =D

I read that article and it gave me enough information to solve my problem :)

Have a nice day!

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