Hey guys,
I am trying figure out a way of updating my program. Since I am a newbie to programming I have no idea where to start. My first idea was to download a new jar, launch it, kill the old app, and then delete it with the new one delete the old one. This seems rather unlogical idea.

How can I update my program without closing it? I'm just doing things like adding features and so on!

Thanks PO

what kind of application are you talking about? generally you would need to create a new instance with the updated jar, as you have mentioned.

its a network admin assistance program. So the only way for me to do it is by downloading the entire .jar again, launch it, stop the old one, and then delete the old one and rename the new one?

Are you trying to update a file that the program is reading from? Or are you trying to change the code of a program that is running and then run it again? (Which would seem quite difficult to me). I don't think either of these are what you're trying to accomplish so please explain.

Also, no shame in being a newbie. Some people consider me a newbie - some consider me an expert - and I'd say I'm somewhere around average. But everyone is learning.

Well, Ideally I would like to update the jar that is currently running. Ezzaral I'm going to check into that, it looks like it could very well work with my needs!